Facilities Available to the Course

The Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience is located in a wing of the Anatomical Institute in the center of the city.  The rooms of the GTC comprise a lecture hall, a study room with a reference library, and the offices of the course coordinators.

Lecture hall:  Most of the lectures, courses and seminars take place in the GTCs lecture hall. It is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia facilities and computer workstations, which allow for computer-based courses. Only a few lectures are held elsewhere at the university.

Study room & library: A study room is provided for coursework. Each student has a work place and access to computer facilities with Internet connection and a graphics-station with scanner and printers.  In addition, within the study room a small but extensive, subject specific reference library is available for the sole use of the graduate schools students.  Approximately 300 English textbooks on neural sciences and other relevant topics are currently present (List of Textbooks).

Offices: Immediately adjacent to lecture hall and study room are the offices of the Dean of Study and the coordinators.  In the office, a fax machines is available during office hours.

Libraries: In addition to the subject specific library in the graduate school, there are several other libraries at the University and the Max-Planck-Institute with substantial selections of books and journals on neurosciences.  Furthermore, many relevant journals can be accessed online.

Research laboratories: The neuroscience centers and research facilities, where students perform their laboratory rotations and masters and doctoral theses, are centralized at two locations. One of which is the campus of the Max-Planck-Institutes (MPI), with the MPI for Biological Cybernetics and the MPI for Intelligent Systems. The other one is the Schnarrenberg Neuroscience Campus, comprising a triplet of research buildings (namely the HIH-, the CIN-, and the DZNE-building), which are located in close proximity to the University Clinics with their imaging facilities and the Centre for Neurosensory Systems.  Only a stone’s throw away at the science campus, there is the Institute of Neurobiology.