German Language Courses

The University of Tübingen and various commercial language schools in Tübingen (e.g., VIVAT LINGUA!) offer German language courses for international students.  In addition to courses on language, culture, and literature during the semester, they offer summer and intensive courses year-round, as well as evening courses for beginners and intermediates.

Students of the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience are encouraged to learn German.  For registered / 'active' doctoral students, we will refund the costs for German language courses after successful completion.

Doctoral students of the Max-Planck-Institutes (MPI) and the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH) may also register for German courses held by VIVAT LINGUA! at their institutions.

For exact times and levels of German courses, please check out the websites of the course providers:

University of Tübingen - German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programs

VIVAT LINGUA!Courses at the MPI / Courses at the Hertie Institute