Summer Term 2020

Please note that only 'active' doctoral students of the GTC can participate in the courses listed.  Doctoral students who have not yet passed their admission interviews ('applicants') and guest students from other faculties can participate only in case of vacancies.

Courses indicated as 'Elective' will run throughout the semester and take place once a week. They are specialist courses offered to masters students, however, they might also be of interest to doctoral students working or planning to work in that particular field.

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Course title

Sleep: Phenomena, Physiology and Function (Elective)

Course content / topics

We spend roughly a third of our life sleeping, but only in recent years, science and society discovered the importance of sleep. This lecture will try to give a broad overview of what we know about sleep, its functions, its physiology, and its relations to waking life. We will look at how the organism generates sleep, why it does so, and what happens clinically in sleep-related disorders. Topics will range from philosophical questions on consciousness to neural mechanisms supposed to underlie sleep in the brain. We will discuss what happens to our brain and to our body if we lack sleep, and how organic diseases can affect sleep. The lecture will assume basic knowledge of neurophysiology, and it is intended for students of the neurosciences, psychology, and medicine, both with a basic science and with a clinical interest.

Learning targets
1.      Introduction to sleep
2.      The EEG and basic sleep architecture
3.      Physiology of sleep regulation
4.      Circadian rhythms and sleep
5.      Animal sleep and the evolution of sleep / Sleep during development and ageing
6.      Body restitution, energy balance, and metabolic homeostasis
7.      Sleep’s function for cognition and memory
8.      Dreaming
9.      Disorders of sleep
10.    Insomnia / Therapy of sleep disorders
11.    Sleep in psychiatric, neurological and other disorders
12.    Current topics in sleep research
13.    Summary: Why do we sleep?

Basic knowledge in neurobiology and physiology.

Suggested reading
Will be announced in the first lecture.

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Day, time & location

SS20 online, link in course description. [Tue 10 -12 am, R 111, Silcherstr. 5 ('Alte HNO')]