Summer Term 2020

Please note that only 'active' doctoral students of the GTC can participate in the courses listed.  Doctoral students who have not yet passed their admission interviews ('applicants') and guest students from other faculties can participate only in case of vacancies.

Courses indicated as 'Elective' will run throughout the semester and take place once a week. They are specialist courses offered to masters students, however, they might also be of interest to doctoral students working or planning to work in that particular field.

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Course title

Special Topics of Sensory Signal Processing (Elective)

Knipper et al.
Course content / topics

This lecture series covers various aspects of sensory systems neuroscience ranging from state-of-the-art basic research topics to clinically relevant aspects. The individual lectures are given by experts in the respective fields, most of which are researchers and clinicians at the 'Centre for Neurosensory Systems'.

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Day, time & location

SS20 online, link in course descricption. [Fri 2-4pm, Lecture Theatre, Dept. of Otolaryngology, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5]