Summer Term 2020

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Career Maker Workshop

Simone Cardoso de Oliveira (SCIEDO)
Course content / topics

During their academic studies and PhD work, scientists and engineers spend plenty of time learning scientific methods and facts about their field of study. There are much less systematic opportunities to learn how to translate that knowledge into a job, how to find and decide for a career pathway (e.g., an academic pathway or a career in the private sector) and how to pursue it.

This workshop introduces you to an approach that helps you to do exactly that: build your own career vision and work towards achieving it. Rather than taking the passive role of waiting for a vacancy to pop up on the job market, you learn approaches that put you into the driver’s seat of your career. The course will supply you with a toolbox of methods for finding out which career really suits you, for building a career vision, and for taking action to pursue it.

Please note: the number of participants is limited to 12!



The course follows a blended learning approach, combining a one-day interactive kickoff workshop of the whole group with an online self-study period and an optional follow-up one-on-one individual transfer session.

Within the kickoff workshop, to start off, you will get to know a number of techniques that will help you to find your sweet spot in the multidimensional career universe – after all, in order to get somewhere, you must first know your goal! After that, we will focus on empowering methods for how to acquire your goals – from taking smart job decisions to strategically positioning yourself and, finally, to securing or creating your own next position.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to bring in your own questions.

The self-study period (about a month, supported by an online learning platform) will provide you with additional input and material. It will also give you regular nudges to stick to your plans and put the methods that you learned into action.

The (optional) final follow-up one-on-one transfer sessions provide you the chance to get individual coaching on your plans, the progress that you have made, any open questions, and the next steps to take.



Dr. Simone Cardoso de Oliveira is a professional career coach. Trained as a neuroscientist, she gathered many years of experience in diverse science-related professional fields, ranging from research to management, from university to private companies, from development to sales, and from public employee to freelancer. The subject of scientific careers has captivated her for decades.

Day, time & location

June 12, 2020 (Kickoff Workshop; ONLINE)