Summer Term 2018 / Neural Inf Process

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Course title
Day, time & location
Type of course

Neural Data Analysis

Tue 9-11 am, GTC Lecture Hall (Start: April 17, 2018)

Berens, Ecker

Neural Coding + Exercises

Wed 1-4 pm, GTC Lecture Hall (Start: April 18, 2018)

Berens, Bethge

Computational Motor Control

Thu 9-11 am, DZNE Seminar Room (Start: April 19, 2018)

Ilg W., Häufle

Psychophysics & Non-invasive Methods

Thu 11 am - 1 pm, GTC Lecture Hall (Start: April 19, 2018)


Journal Club Vision Sciences (Elective)

Jan 8-10, 2019 (Oct 22, 2018: Introduction and Paper Assignment), Room no. F 230, Dept. Computer Science, Sand 6



biweekly Thu 6:15-7:30 pm, Lecture Hall Children´s Hospital

Invited speakers

Fundamentals of Sensorimotor Integration (Elective)

Mon 2-4 pm, E7A23 Biol. Building E, Auf der Morgenstelle 28

Ilg U.

Machine Learning II + Exercises

Mon 9-12:30 am, GTC Lecture Hall (Start: April 18, 2018 !)

Giese, Dijkstra

MRI-applications for Neuroscientific and Clinical Research (Elective)

Mon 12am-1:30pm, Otfried-Müller-Str. 51, Building #554, Seminar Room (Basement)

Hagberg, Scheffler

Special Topics of Sensory Signal Processing (Elective)

Mon 2-4pm, Lecture Hall ENT Clinic, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5

Knipper et al.

Signal Processing

Tue 4-6 pm, GTC Lecture Hall (Start: April 20, 2018 2PM !)


Entrepreneurial Biomedicine (Elective)

Wed 2-4pm, Ear-Nose & Throat Hospital (HNO-Klinik), Room 2.310


Advanced Statistics (Elective)

Wed 4(ct)-5:30pm, GTC Lecture Hall