Winter Term 2020-21

Please note that only 'active' doctoral students of the GTC can participate in the courses listed.  Doctoral students who have not yet passed their admission interviews ('applicants') and guest students from other faculties can participate only in case of vacancies.

Courses indicated as 'Elective' will run throughout the semester and take place once a week. They are specialist courses offered to masters students, however, the might also be of interest to doctoral students working or planning to work in that particular field.

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Course title

Introduction to MATLAB Programming

Seifi, Vardar
Course content / topics

The course is intended for programming beginners and will therefore cover basic topics. There is a certain focus on data analysis, but in general, the goal is to understand key concepts of programming in general and Matlab in particular. Accordingly, the course will introduce elements common to programming languages (e.g. variables and operators, data types, control flow, file input/output) and point to techniques and concepts specific to Matlab. These include scalar expansion, logical subscripting, reshaping and other high-level manipulation of arrays, high-level graphics commands, scripts vs. functions, speed and memory issues, graphical user interfaces. Furthermore, a selected range of programming environment tools like the profiler, help and debugging capabilities of Matlab will be presented. Lectures will be interspersed with practice periods for which exercises including solutions are provided. The students are required to work on a programming project (in teams of two or singly) and present it.

The course is compulsory for the Neural and Behavioural Sciences master students.

All other students (master and doctoral) from the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience who would like to participate in the course, please contact Katja Thieltges ( )

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Day, time & location

postponed to winter term 20/21