Winter Term 2019-20 / Neural Inf Process



Course title

Motor Systems (Block)

Course content / topics

The Motor system is an important building block of brain organization. It is responsible to generate the output of many brain computations and thus drives behavior. The course will cover the neuronal bases of motor systems with a focus on the mammalian brain. It will detail functional properties of muscle and muscle cells, proprioception and reflex arcs, organization of the spinal cord, central pattern generators, the cerebellum, basal ganglia and motor/premotor cortex. Motor learning and sensorimotor interaction, i.e. movements generated in order to sense will be discussed as well. The principle approach will be to consider functional anatomy and from there develop hypotheses and insights to reach an understanding of the role of neurons, networks and brain structures, which generate purposeful behavior. The course aims to build basic knowledge for NIP students, who are typically little trained in the fields of biology or systems neurosciences. The course consists of blocks of lectures providing knowledge in selected topics of motor research. Each student will prepare and hold a seminar talk about a scientific paper in motor research. (see Schedule). There will be ample opportunity for active interaction between students and students and teacher in lectures as well in the seminars. The course is Pass/Fail (no grades; for non-NIP students grades can be provided on request). Requirement for 3 credits:1) Attendance.2) Pass in three mini-exams (50% correct responses).3) Successful seminar presentation. For registration please write an email to  

Course Schedule

The course will take palce at the HNO Seminarroom 2. 310 (Elfriede-Aulhorn-Straße 5).

Day, time & location

Mar 09 - 19, 2020 HNO Semirraum 2. 310