Students on the Deans List

Congratulations to the students on the Deans List WS 2016-17

Winter Term 2016-17

Because of their excellent academic performance in the winter term 2016-17, the following master students (starting year 2016) have been placed on the Dean´s list:

Neural & Behavioural Sciences

(1) Jan Lause
(2) Marissa Anthea Weis

Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience

(1) Benedikt Hölbling
(2) Alexandra Bentrup, Gianfranco Chavez, Emily Ulrich Gavilanes

Neural Information Processing

(1) Adrian Hoffmann
(2) Khaled Nasr

We congratulate you on your success!


On February 07 and 08, 2019, the master students will present in the DZNE seminar room their second lab rotation projects.

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