NeNa 2015

Neurowissenschaftliche Nachwuchskonferenz - This years NeNa conference will take place Nov 23-25, 2015

NeNa (Neurowissenschaftliche Nachwuchskonferenz - Conference of Junior Neuroscientists) is an annual event organized by doctoral students from neuroscience research groups in Tübingen. NeNa serves as an opportunity for young neuroscientists from all over Europe to meet and discuss their research projects with peers.

Attendees are invited from all faculties and departments at which neuroscience is a subdiscipline, including molecular biology, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, medicine and computer science. Thereby, exchange between those fields of research is fostered and participants have the opportunity to discuss their project with scientists from different backgrounds.



On February 07 and 08, 2019, the master students will present in the DZNE seminar room their second lab rotation projects.

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The MPI for Biological Cybernetics and Tübingen University appoint two renowned neuroscientists from the University College London.

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