Formation of a GTC Doktorandenkonvent

Doctoral students of the GTC Neuroscience are invited for a founding meeting of a Doktorandenkonvent

Dear GTC PhD students,

You may have heard already at the NeNa conference that there is the attempt to establish a „Doctoral Candidate Representation“ (Doktorandenkonvent) at the GTC. This representation is the lobby for all kinds of interests and problems grad students might have.  After the first meeting with Marc we also realized that the GTC considers some changes of the doctoral regulations (e.g., regarding thesis format, defense, etc.) that might significantly affect us. Having an elected representative in the GTC's doctoral board (aka the GTC's Interfaculty Committee) where the decisions are made can help us to have a say in these developments.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to an online assembly of all PhD students at the GTC where we can vote and select a representative and also discuss the possibility of forming a steering committee for the Doctoral Candidate Representation and the outlook of possible roles that it can play.

In case you are interested to be a candidate for the PhD representative or the steering committee for the Doctoral Candidate Representation you can send an email to Cornelius Schröder ( beforehand.

The meeting will take place via zoom on Thursday, 19.11.2020, at 19.30 p.m.

Please send an email to Cornelius Schröder or Marc Himmelbach ( for the login credentials.

If you have further questions or if you are interested but don’t have time that day, please do not hesitate to contact Cornelius (

Ann-Christin, Cornelius, Ramona, Ronja and Roxana