Student Commitment Prize for “Mindful Science”

GTC Doctoral and Master's students' initiative addressing mental health issues of students and young researchers has been honoured by the university.

The Mindful Science initiative, launched by former MSc students – now doctoral candidates – Marleen Veit and Morgan Hess, arose from the pandemic years. A committed group of students and doctoral researchers offers regular formats providing low-threshold support to fellow students since 2020. Their activities have met with keen interest and are to be continued in the future. The aim is to create a space for information and discussion about mental health in science. To draw attention to the issues and to destigmatize psychological problems so as to strengthen both students and researchers in the long term.

The University of Tübingen honors outstanding student commitment every year since 2010. The candidates are nominated by a program's study commissions and are chosen by the senate commission for studies and teaching.

The prize has been awarded at the University's Dies Universitatis 2022 Welcome for new students. Please check the youtube video, and the university's press release.

We congratulate our students! We are proud and grateful to have you with us.