Workshop on the "Limits of Automatization"

Accompanying this year's CIN-Dialogue on "KI and Moral" the Forum Scientiarum together with the CIN organizes a workshop on the "Limits of Automatization".

The workshop aims at exploring the limits of automatization in machine learning  research in general and with respect to the scientific process in particular.

To what extent do human decisions still play a crucial role for the success of  machine learning? Which are the limits of automatization in doing science when  machine learning methods are used? Do we need to develop a more nuanced view  of the relation between human judgment, expertise and machine learning  algorithms? Finally, how does this intricate entanglement affect questions  of moral responsibility and the accountability of human agents using this  technology?

Scientists and scholars as well as students from all disciplines are welcome  to participate. 

Date/time: November, 25th, 9am-5pm

Venue: Forum Scientiarum (Doblerstr. 33), Lecture Hall

Registration until November 10that: