Mindful Science - Beyond Academia with Dr. Thomas Börner

Beyond Academia is a seminar series by Mindful Science, showcasing alternative careers to the classic academic pathway.

Time: 02. Nov., 18:00

Location: online on zoom

Mindful Science is thrilled to announce the next Beyond Academia talk on November 2nd at 6pm on zoom. The speaker will be Dr. Thomas Börner, a former student in Neural and Behaviour Science at the University of Tübingen who completed his PhD at the University of Oxford and now works as a Medical Science Liaison for a large pharmaceutical company. The Beyond academia seminar series introduces alternatives to the classic academic career pathway by hearing from people who left academia and now occupy a variety of different roles.

Click this link to register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIvcOioqjkuGN3QpWvSROO4EuEgUtp86uzr

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