You need to earn 18 ECTS points for your doctoral studies. See also the Core curriculum. You can submit your course list with the associated confirmations to the doctoral coordination office ( once a year to get your actual status of your ECTS Points.

Note: Credit Points will only be acknowledged for the doctoral studies, when you have been admitted to the GTC doctoral program.

GTC courses

You may also attend courses from three masters programs and from the doctoral program of the GTC. The list of courses can be found in ILIAS. Details about the master courses can be found in the Module handbook of each Masterprogram (see in regulations of each program). Very few of them have admission restrictions, though, and are for masters students only.

Courses indicated as 'Elective' will run throughout the semester and take place once a week. They are specialist courses offered to masters students, however, they might also be of interest to doctoral students working or planning to work in that particular field. 

If you have problems with the registration of the GTC Master or PhD courses, please contact us.

How do I register for the courses?
The doctoral course program of the GTC offers various courses from various hosts. Registration information to the individual courses can be found on the ILIAS folder of the course.

Since March 2018, all PhD students must enrol at the University. So you should be enrolled or requested exemption from mandatory enrollment since you have a contract with the University. If you plan to take Mastercourses from the GTC Program, there are two cases how you can register.

Case 1: You are enrolled at the Uni. You should have received login details from the University. To register for the course, you need to register in ALMA and ILIAS. The course coordinator will give you access to ILIAS, when there are free spots and you can participate.

Case 2: You requested exemption for the mandatory enrollment. As a employee from the University, you should received login details anyway. To register for the course, you need to register only in ILIAS and write an email to the course coordinator ( The course coordinator will give you access to ILIAS, when there are free spots and you can participate.

Other courses, workshops, summerschools, etc.

You are not restricted to the courses of the GTC. All relevant courses, workshops, summerschools or the like outside of the GTC can be counted for your course list. If you are unsure, if a course is relevant for your doctoral course list, please contact the doctoral coordinator (

The Graduate Academy of the University of Tübingen

The Graduate Academy offers several soft skill courses. An overview of the courses are available on the ILIAS platform.

Dr. Eberle Zentrum für digitale Kompetenzen

The Dr. Eberle Center for Digital Skills offers programming courses during the semester with the aim of providing students with practical knowledge of digital technologies, which are necessary, among other things, for handling digital data.

Online Courses

You can receive also ETCS Credit Points for Online Courses from Coursera, edX or other platforms. Since these courses vary a lot, the GTC needs to check course by course. We therefore ask you to compile following information:

  • Duration of video lectures
  • Number of excercises
  • Number of Quizzes
  • Additional tasks
  • Final exam (structure, i.e. how many questions, excercises; multiple choice or text answers?
  • Curriculum (saved as a pdf)
  • In addition, you need to send the participation certificate of the course for the acknowledgement of the credit points.

Examples of course platforms: