The Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience - GTC

The GTC serves as an umbrella body that coordinates and runs three international neuroscience degree programs, which offer in Tübingen a comprehensive training under the guidance of some of the leading neuroscientists. The GTC also provides support to further educate doctoral students including training courses, summer schools and conferences. The research oriented career tracks at the GTC provide an ideal preparation for careers in science and academia.

The individual graduate programs have their specific scientific foci while simultaneously optimally complementing one another. Together they provide a markedly broad spectrum of neuroscience research and training opportunities in Tübingen, extending from genes to cognition and up to the level of computational approaches and state-of-the-art applied neuroscientific methods. This has made Tübingen a prime location for graduate students and postdocs interested in any one of the many aspects of neuroscience.

The GTC at the University of Tübingen provides students with state-of-the-art neuroscience training and, at the same time, ensures a steady supply of well-trained students to meet the increasing demand for young researchers in the local laboratories. Teaching at the GTC is entirely in English.