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Conference of Junior Neuroscientists (NeNa)

NeNa (Neurowissenschaftliche Nachwuchskonferenz) is an annual event organized by doctoral students from neuroscience research groups in Tübingen. NeNa serves as an opportunity for young neuroscientists to meet and discuss their research projects with peers. Attendees are invited from all faculties and departments at which neuroscience is a subdiscipline, including molecular biology, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, medicine and computer science. Thereby, exchange between those fields of research is fostered and participants get the opportunity to discuss their project with scientists with different backgrounds.

Graduate Academy – University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen Graduate Academy offers a cost-free qualification program for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers and is a direct partner of the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience.

International Office - University of Tübingen

The universities International Office provides information and support for international students concerning admission and studying in Tübingen.

Welcome Centre - University of Tübingen

The Welcome Centre provides information and support in all non-academic and practical issues. Its goal is to make sure that international guests of the University of Tübingen settle quickly and feel comfortable (Flyer).

The Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science is an independent, non-profit research organization. It was founded in 1948 and is the successor organization to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, which was established in 1911. The primary goal of the Max Planck Society is to promote basic research at its own institutes. It is not a government institution although it is funded to a large extent by the federal and state governments. Instead, it is a registered association and has its registered seat in Berlin. The Administrative Headquarters and office of the President are located in Munich.

PhDnet of the Max Planck Society

The PhDnet portal serves as a platform for exchange among doctoral students at Max-Planck-Institutes. Regardless of their particular fields of research, all doctoral students strive to maximize their achievements during the doctoral period, to avail of and contribute to the scientific profile of their respective MPIs and to effectively plan their career.

Research in Germany

The portal 'Research in Germany' is the central information platform of an initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to promote innovation and research in Germany. The portal provides an overview of the German research landscape and funding system.

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. The service offers programs and funding for students, faculty, researchers and others with higher education. Offices of the DAAD can be found in many countries worldwide.