Boards & Committees

The Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Science together with the Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics provide cooperatively the neuroscience graduate programs at the University of Tübingen. Together, three individual Graduate Schools form the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience, which is governed by an Interfaculty Committee (Gemeinsame Kommission).

Each Graduate School has its own Education Board (Studienkommission), an Examination Board (Prüfungsausschuss) and, finally, a Selection Board (Auswahlkommission).

The three graduate schools have a common doctoral program for the interfaculty subject of neurosciences. Responsible for the doctoral regulations and the doctoral procedures is the Doctorate Board (Promotionsausschuss) which is formed by the members of the Interfaculty Committee.

Interfaculty Committee and Doctorate Board

Prof. Dr. Stephan Zipfel (Representative of the Dean, Faculty of Medicince)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Harter (Representative of the Dean, Faculty of Science)

Prof. Cornelius Schwarz (Chair)
Jun. Prof. Anna Levina
Prof. Lena Veit
Prof. Birgit Derntl
Prof. Robert Feil
Prof. Martin Giese
Prof. Mathias Jucker
Prof. Andreas Nieder
Prof. Ellen Reisinger
Prof. Peter Dayan

Mid-Level Academics
Dr. Ulrike Hedrich
Dr. Michael Bannert

Student Representatives
Fabian Klopfer - MSc Student
Ian Chong - Doctoral Student